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Suffolk Pelvic Medicine

Female Urologist & Urogynecologist
located in Riverhead, NY

For women experiencing the discomfort and dysfunction associated with pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction, urogynecologist Dr. Jennifer Hill offers expert evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment at Suffolk Pelvic Medicine. The staff dedicates itself to providing the best care for women with pelvic floor disorders and positively affecting the lives of women by correcting the problems that complicate their day-to-day lives.

Women with urogynecological issues, including fecal and urinary incontinence and prolapse, are often treated by doctors practicing a number of different medical disciplines, leading to confusion and poor diagnosis and treatment. The female team at Suffolk Pelvic Medicine strives to help women with pelvic floor issues find relief through medical and surgical treatment in a stress-free environment.

The practice specializes in female patients only. They help the one-in-three women who are affected by issues related to pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse. Dr. Hill is one of the only female urogynecologist and urologist in Suffolk County; women can trust her and feel comfortable discussing their most intimate medical issues.

Suffolk Pelvic Medicine

Meet Our Staff Members

Jennifer R. Hill, MD

Natalie Givargidze

Nadia Avila

We are proudly serving patients in Suffolk County, Nassau County, as well as Calverton, Hampton Bays, West Hampton Beach, Bridgehampton, and Montauk, NY.